Child Abducted, Suspect Arrested

It was a morning that will be hard for Shenta, Stella, and Darian Jackson to forget. Just after daylight,in their home on County Road 45, eight-year old Darian and his grandmother,Stella, were faced with an intruder, the ex-boyfriend of Shenta Jackson.

40-year old, Eric Mauldin, jumped through a plate glass window, and demanded to see Shenta. Her mother, Stella, says, when she refused to tell him where Shenta was, Mauldin cut her, and took little Darian.

Stella then, ran to the neighbors for help.

"He wanted her to tell her where her daughter was and she wouldn't tell him and he jumped on her and beat her up," says neighbor, Gus Daniel.

Shortly after, an Amber Alert was issued for little Darian and search teams were sent to patrol the area. Less than two hours later, police found Mauldin, with Darian, on Texas College Road near Highway 69.

After a chase in front of Harris Nursery, authorities arrested Mauldin.

"He was just running circles out here. He rammed a couple of our Sheriff's Office Units and at that point I made the decision to have someone knock him off the road with their car and we were able to knock him off into the ditch. He resisted arrest pretty good when he got out. His girlfriend told us he'd been using a large amount of crack cocaine," says Lieutenant Craig Shelton of the Smith County Sheriff's Office.

Mauldin was taken to a hospital to be treated for glass cuts. Workers from Harris Nursery say the whole ordeal was too close for comfort, as they witnessed the chase.

"He was just in and out of traffic. He could have hurt other people. We thought he was going to come in our front parking lot," says witness and Harris Nursery employee, Debra Schultz.

Neighbors of the Jacksons tell us they're shocked and never dreamed something like this could happen.

"He seemed like a nice young man. He always talked to me, and spoke to me. They were always together all the time, I thought they were doing just fine," says Daniel.

The frightening ordeal finally ended as Darian and his mother were reunited at the Sheriff's Office

Darian's mother, Shenta, was sleeping at a friend's house when her son was abducted.

Mauldin has been charged with aggravated kidnapping, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault on a peace officer. Mauldin is now in the Smith County Jail.

Reporting: Braid Sharp