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Brees, Saints ready for battle with tough Falcons


Drew Brees believes that the two interceptions he threw against the 49ers hurt the Saints chances for a victory. The Saints quarterback said, "Well, it was tough because I know we played well enough to win in so many ways and yet two plays like that can completely change the outcome of the game, which obviously those did."

With the 49ers game behind them, Brees and the Saints are now preparing for a Thursday night battle with the 10-1 Atlanta Falcons. Brees had a lot of praise for Atlanta, saying, "They've done a good job all season long of just making plays in critical situations. They've been able to get a lot of pressure on the quarterback which has allowed them the opportunity to get a lot of turnovers and provide some opportunities to their offense. You just look them throughout the season, they've won a lot of close games and, obviously, have played very consistent throughout."

Brees said the short week was tough on the team due to a short week of practice, less time with a game plan and "physically getting your body back".

When asked if this was a must win for the Saints, Brees responded, "Every game is important. We're still in November. Listen, that doesn't lessen the sense of urgency. We understand how important this game is but we're not labeling it as anything other than the next game on a short week against arguably, according to records, the top team in the NFC and we have our work cut out for us."

The Saints play the Falcons Thursday night at 7:20pm on the NFL Network.

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