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Building Torched by arsonist being torn down


If you were on Judson Road in Longview today, you may have notice a building being torn down. It was the Colonial Village Apartments located at 2057 Judson Road in North Longview.

Early one morning in July of 2010 one of the buildings burned. Investigators ruled it as arson. One tenant made sure others got out of the building unharmed.

Today the building was being torn down to make the lot ready for some new apartments. Colonial Village was built in the 1960's and some asbestos was used. Crews poured water on the rubble to keep the dust down. When the building was checked out prior to being pulled down workers found a couple of surprises.

"There was one guy that came up and he said he had been living here for six months. He said, do you need any help, I said yes. He said I have two strong arms and two strong hands. I said well, be here at seven o'clock in the morning, and I ain't seen him since," said Roger Tidwell who's son owns the property.

Tidwell said several people were living in the building without utilities. They had a battery powered TV and a stolen porta-potty inside.

The new apartments are scheduled to be completed by June.

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