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The countdown to Black Friday bargains begins


It may be a holiday, but some just can't resist the urge save big on Black Friday bargains. 

Josh Jones lives in Georgia, but we found him sitting outside Tyler's Best Buy.

"My parents live here. I'm just here for Thanksgiving, but I'm here at Best Buy instead of spending Thanksgiving with my family," Jones said. 

So, what's worth sacrificing your Thanksgiving? Customers here in line at Best Buy say televisions, tablets and laptops are definitely worth the wait. 

"A 40 inch Toshiba 1080p TV. It's like 260 dollars off," Jones said. 

Casey Parker sacrificed more than his holiday to be the first in line.

"I was actually a little too early; I was an early bird. I was here out here Tuesday at 11:30 a.m.," Parker said. 

Despite spending the last couple days outside Best Buy, Parker said he didn't miss out on a Thanksgiving feast.

"No, no actually I had my family bring me dinner," Parker said. 

While these super savers count down the final hours to the store's opening, they are finding productive ways to spend their time.

"Yes, this is my best friend and she's helping me grade papers so I can get caught up," said third grade teacher, Shannon Daffan. 

"We have the newspaper and we're looking at other Black Friday deals. We might go by Walmart and Target just because they're big ones," said Lauren Adams who accompanied her boyfriend, Josh Jones. 

Strategizing what stores to hit next while also developing a game plan for once they get inside.

"We try to double team, so I'm going to go to the check out line while he's going to go get the TV. The hardest part isn't getting the TV, it's checking out, we've learned. So, we have a strategy," Adams explained. 

A lot of waiting and a lot of planning to get the deals they say are worth it.

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