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Black Friday shoppers camped out and ready to seize the sales


Most East Texans are still preparing their Thanksgiving meals, but a handful of people are already in position to seize the Black Friday sales.

"I was a little early... a little too early. I should have come out here this morning," says Casey Parker.

Parker is no stranger to the Black Friday camp out. Last year he saved $600 on two TVs and a laptop. After spending 21 hours camped outside of the Tyler Best Buy all alone, Parker finally had some company.

"About 8 o'clock this morning, this person [next to me] showed up. Then shortly after that [the line] started trickling down," he says.

For other campers, it's a first-time event.

"I haven't camped outside a store before. We came last year, but we just got in line Thanksgiving night, so it wasn't as exciting," says Rafael Penaloza.

Penaloza and his little brother Victor have their sights set on some serious sales.

"I want to get some TVs. I want to get four of them. I'm not sure how we're going to carry them, but we'll do it," Penaloza says.

"I don't know... I just hope I don't get run over," says his 13-year-old brother Victor.

Campers say all you need to join them is a place to sleep, and food to fuel a long wait.

Parker is prepared with Dr. Pepper, a bag a chips, a Pop Tart and a box of Honeybuns.

But that doesn't mean any of these campers have plans of foregoing their Thanksgiving meals.
Each one has friends or family members who plan on brining the turkey dinner to them.

While plenty of people think Black Friday campers are crazy to be spending their Thanksgiving in a parking lot, the campers say the people who don't take advantage of the sales are the crazy ones.

Best Buy's doors open at midnight after Thanksgiving.

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