Grace Community Church Senior Pastor To Leave Tyler

The Senior Pastor of Grace Community Church will soon leave Tyler.
Pastor Gary Brandenberg accepted a job with Fellowship Bible Church in Dallas.
"I go not because I'm looking forward to leaving Tyler," said Pastor Brandenburg, "but because I really feel like this is what God's called me to do."
The pastor's passion to mentor to young preachers is leading him to move on.
"I don't think I could have had a better 14 years as far as just a great place to live, just so many friends that we have here, tremendous staff at this church. That's hard to leave."
14 years ago, the preacher left sunny California and ventured to East Texas with a mission.
"When I came to Grace Community,  the question I asked was, 'Why would Tyler, Texas need another church?' I asked myself the question, 'If there wasn't a Grace Community in Tyler would there be a need for one?'"
Brandenburg brought with him the idea of taking a central church and developing several campuses to serve the community. With his help, Grace Community Church grew from just 300 members to 2,000 members each, at 3 of its campuses.
"The one thing that always impresses me is that anyone would come here to listen to me," the pastor said with a laugh.
Now Brandenburg says he is willing to take a risk and serve other communities.
"I told my people Sunday, when Jesus returns he doesn't want to find us sitting on our assetts, but we should be investing those assetts so that we get a greater return on what he's given us. So that the kingdom can grow."
Pastor brandenburg will leave Grace Community Church at the end of August. The church will form a search committee to find his replacement.

Story by Maya Golden,