Conserve Energy: Cut Back Energy Bill

Temperatures are rising and so are the numbers on the monthly energy bills. On Wednesday, we told you about one East Texas family that received a free energy audit as a part of a state-wide program from TXU Energy.

Today, TXU and a group of teens from the Whitehouse YMCA made some changes to the Reverend Bishop Haggerty's home to make a big difference in the monthly energy bill.

The Haggerty's have lived in there home on Moorehead Street in Northwest Tyler for more than thirty years and in that time, they've noticed a trend in their energy bill.

"Look like they just go up and up , more and more," says home owner, Reverend Bishop Haggerty's.

Even with a TXU discount, his bill was near 200 dollars.

To help get that number down, TXU along with the Whitehouse Y-teens gave the Haggerty's an energy audit. Now they're rolling up their sleeves and making some changes to save energy.

First on the list: caulking the windows.

"This keeps cold air from inside the house and hot air from coming inside during the summer," explained 13-year-old Y-teen, Brandon Hopson. Next, they wrapped the water-heater with insulation.

"The water heater mixes with the cold air from the air conditioner and the air isn't as cold, and it has to work harder for it to work better," says another 13 year-old Y-teen, Heather Troxell.

Another energy saving tip? Place a foam insulator behind electrical outlets or light switches.

"That keeps the air from seeping into the house and the warm air gets into the house and that raises the bill," says TXU spokesperson, Ray Granado.

And finally, use mini-florescent lights instead of regular bulbs. What's the difference? The mini florescent light bulbs put out 60 watts of light and only use 13 watts of electricity, and they last for seven years. They also put out less heat than regular bulbs do.

"If they are going to put these all over my house, I am grateful...they going to save me energy, and money," says Reverend Haggerty.

TXU Officials say the Haggerty's home will be an example to show people how simple it is to have an energy efficient home and that anyone can make the simple changes to their home to keep from sweating their energy bill.

The TXU Energy audits and makeovers will be given to ten cities in Texas altogether to promote energy efficiency to the public.

You can also go online and receive a free energy audit from TXU by logging onto our web site and clicking on the "Know More on Seven Link."

Reporting: Braid Sharp