Kids Earn Free Books For Good Behavior

Dozens of children in Tyler are getting free books for good behavior. They also get to learn hands-on about horseback riding, self-defense, and snakes.

It's all part of the Junior League's 9th annual Summer Reading Camp at Caldwell Elementary School. And it's going on all this week.

More than 80 rising 3rd graders from 10 elementary schools in Tyler are participating in the free camp. Each day a community volunteer reads a book to the students.

Today, it was Brandon Jones, the owner of Tyler Kung Fu & Fitness. The students then do art, drama, and writing activities based on that book.

If the kids behave and follow instructions, they can earn money for up to 20 free books.

The camp's coordinator says her hope is to get the students to love reading.

"Just seeing the smiles on the kids' faces, knowing how much fun they're having and how much they're appreciating this, knowing that when they go home, hopefully, they're going to be reading for the rest of the summer," Lynda Evans, co-chair, said.

Tomorrow's reader is our very own Gillian Sheridan.

Julie Tam, reporting.