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Better East Texas: Death of Black Friday

By Pat Stacey

Based on the intention by many retailers to expand Black Friday sales to start on Thursday, could the end of Black Friday as we know it be upon us and could this also be the final nail in the coffin of the traditional family.  In our time-starved world, there are few sacred, designated family events and Thanksgiving is one of them.  Now employees of these retailers that will be open on Thursday will have to break away from family gatherings or, worse yet, not attend them at all.  But there is one way that the consumer can reverse the trend of stores expanding Black Friday to Thanksgiving Thursday, and that is to resist the temptation to shop on Thursday.  If you wait until Friday or at least after midnight Thursday, it will send a message to retailers to consider their employees and their customers before the bottom line, if only for a few hours.  Our nation is quickly dissolving the foundation upon which it was built as the family unit erodes more and more every year.  It probably won't happen but resisting an early start to Black Friday could be a line in the sand.  So when you receive the mailer or email or text message about those Thursday hours, respond to the senders that you are just not interested in shopping on Thursday and let them know your family is more important than a two-hundred dollar laptop and that will make for a Better East Texas. 

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