Power Of Prayer: A story of faith

By Dia Wall dwall@kltv.com

For Gina Davis, it all started with her daughter.

Gina tells us "She told me a story about this boy and his family which really broke my heart. I kept thinking even though I've never met this kid I kept thinking about him it's like my eyes were opened to more and more kids and people like that in this world."

And "Lost and Found" was born. The book actually began as a screenplay that Gina later rewrote into a novel. It tells a fictional story about real people, all based in Bullard. Gina hopes the tale of compassion and community will be a light in the world. Like a grandmother in the book who hears God's voice when she sees a family in the grocery store.

Gina says "It's obvious they're poor. It's obvious that they're angry. They have no hope. They're living just day to day, and it's obvious they don't know Jesus. Well, first of all she helps them out with groceries."

The emotion and the stories in the book are all real, taken from Gina's life and the lives of other everyday East Texans who are making a difference and introducing people to their faith.

Gina tells us "It's going to open their eyes to people in their neighborhood, at their job, in the schools. There's too much sadness in this world, too much anger in this world and God is love. He's all love."

Gina says that love is what inspired her to write the book, and she hopes that love resonates in everyone who reads it, so they too can touch someone else.

"Lost and Found" is available at The Scroll bookstore in Tyler as well as on Amazon.

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