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Tyler Schools get extra funding

To some teachers in the Tyler Independent School District, Christmas came early. The TISD Foundation awarded deserving programs with the financing to make those programs happen.

We were at Hubbard Middle with the TISD Santa.

Larry Goddard is the Executive Director of the Tyler ISD Foundation and he has a gift to hand out in the shape of a large check.

"We give out today $20,000 in incentive grants in special programs that the teachers would not have funded typically with tax dollars," Goddard said.

Which means the programs may not have happened. The Foundation looked at about 70 proposals and chose eight with the greatest impact.

"You know, we've never been turned away with those big oversized checks, and usually there's big smiles. It's amazing. The best thing and the best feeling is the students get to see their teachers excel, and the teachers reach an achievement of a goal that they've set for them. You know we always ask the students to achieve and today we're recognizing the teachers who have achieved well," Goddard added.

Cara Smith accepted the huge check for DeAnna Molloy who was out today.

"They're going to build some boats and discuss the buoyancy and which ones are going to be the fastest. So there's lots of different math and science that's involved in this program. I'm excited. I think it's going to be some time in the spring," Ms. Smith revealed.

"It made the learning fun for the student because everybody loves a roller coaster," Goddard said.

The Foundation funded the roller coaster project which involved hundreds of students.

With the help of generous community donors who believe in public education, the Foundation will keep rolling along.

Over the last year the TISD Foundation has given out $200,000 to teachers in the Tyler Independent School District. Many of the teachers are able to use the extra money for several years.

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