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16 ETX children now have a place to call home


Patrick Clore is one of 16 children adopted in Smith County on Friday. 

"We went from zero, adopted one last year, just adopted our second one today and we've got a new one in the house six weeks," said Chris Clore.

Patrick is a 15-month-old and has lived with the Clores since he was just three days old. 

"It's made life fuller, richer. You hear that all the time, that when you have a kid it makes it fuller and it is really true," said Patrick's mother, Karel Clore. 

Since the grandparents could not be here for this special day, the family took advantage of technology.

"We brought our laptop in, starting Skyping and they were able to see the whole thing," Chris said.

Luci and Luke Yarborough had the same idea. 

"That was my mom, she was in Pennsylvania and could not be here. So, it was cool to Skype them in and see the process," said Luke Yarborough. 

The Yarboroughs have a biological daughter, son and a child on the way who is due in February. On Friday, they adopted little Liza Sue. 

"We decided to become foster parents. We let our two biological children pray about it with us and they were a part of the decision. So, they've been a part of loving her from the beginning. So, this is a big day for them too. Especially our six-year-old; she is really excited about making Liza a part of our family forever," said Laci Yarborough.

"I am excited. She is really cute and she has blue eyes," said Lily Yarborough, when describing her new sister, Liza. 

Attorney Sara Maynard, who is board certified in juvenile law, said adoption day makes all of the hard days worth it.

"There is a long, hard road to get here. To get here means children have already been through something that none of us would wish on anyone. The home is that from this point forward, there's a pivot in their life and that things get better from here so, this is where the healing begins." 

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