Thousands Witness Object Falling From The Sky

Thousands of people across Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Missouri reported seeing a  big ball of fire with a tail, flying across the northeast sky last night.

Calls began coming into our newsroom a little after 9:30, all with the same story. Witnesses describe something that looked like a meteor or a comet.

After recieving several calls, D-P-S officials contacted local airports and the Federal Aviation Administration. They say the light was not a plane or any kind of aircraft.

A spokesman for the National Weather Service in Fort Worth said the sightings were likely a meteor shower.

The International Meteor Organization says a minor meteor shower event, the Pegasid shower peaks on Friday, July 9th.  That's just two nights after the fireball was seen over East Texas.  Another meteor shower event, the Phoenicids shower begins on July 10th.