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Backseat driving: A good thing?


You've driving down the road and suddenly your passenger says, watch out for that car! Does it drive you crazy, or do you appreciate it?


Well, according to a new study by Allstate Insurance, you should thank your back seat driver, because they cut down on accidents and tickets.


When it comes to driving Allstate claims two heads are better than one.


Jeff Callens, an Allstate Agent said, "There's nothing more aggravating than someone sitting in the passenger's seat telling you how to drive, however, if you can put your pride and ego aside and just recognize that we all want to get where you're going safely, especially this time of year. A week from today is going to be the busiest day of travel in the entire year."


So, do East Texans help from the passenger's seat?


Zelma Ross said," I pay attention; I'm very precautious about the driver. I'm making sure that he's staying on the right side of the road and in his lane and this and that."


"I think it helps if I'm doing it. I think it does help because they could see something you don't see," Mary Beth Keeling said.


"It's nice if you can help somebody in a non-panic mode," Donna Kirk observed.


Apparently she doesn't care for the passenger gasping, but doesn't mind a little advice.


"Four eyes are better than two," I pointed out.

"Yes, exactly," agreed Mary Beth.


So maybe it's time to suck it up and just take the passenger's advice.


Allstate conducted the study when they found out that TXDOT reported nearly one-third of traffic fatalities in East Texas are passengers.


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