Soldier's Homecoming A Surprise For Son

Five-year-old Chris Munn arrived at Tyler Pounds Regional Airport this afternoon, not knowing exactly why he was there.

"When I put the uniform on him, he said, 'I'm dressed like Daddy,'" Pam Mosley, Chris' mother, said. "And I was like, yeah. And I said, 'Well, we're at the airport. What do we normally do here?' He said, 'Well... Well, where's Daddy?' We hadn't told him that he's coming home. So I'm just waiting to see the reaction on his face."

Sergeant First Class George Munn's plane was supposed to arrive at 3:25 p.m., but when the time came, his plane didn't, leaving his family and his local 141st Army unit waiting and getting flags and patriotic balloons ready.

Meanwhile, Chris started to figure out what all the festivities were about.

"Yeah, he's on the plane," he said.

For the past six months, Munn's son, ex-wife (Pam), mother-in-law, and nieces have all been worried about his safety while transporting prisoners in Kuwait.

"I've been praying for him and just kind of miss him," Amber Mosley, Munn's niece, said.

One hour later, they all grew more anxious to see Munn step off the plane. The kids wanted the moment to be perfect.

Moments later, Munn arrived.

"Daddy! Daddy!" Chris screamed, running toward his father.

"Just to touch you, make sure you're still here," Christine Fuller, Munn's ex-mother-in-law, said.

"It's rough, m'am," Munn said. "It's rough, I mean physically and mentally over there. It's very rough. Homecoming is good. But when I got to depart again, it's going to be even worse."

Munn is now looking forward to 10 days of R&R. Munn says they'll all go out for dinner tonight, and then he'll take Chris and Pam to Disney World.

Munn's family say they wish he could stay home forever, but they're proud of what he's doing for our country.

Julie Tam, reporting.