Judge Denies Faisst Bond

An emergency room confession from Lindsay Faisst? That's one of the details to come from Wednesday's bond hearing.
Lindsay Faisst is accused of violating her probation by drinking and staying out past curfew.
7th District Court Judge Kerry L. Russell did not grant bond to Faisst, after her attorney made a bond reduction request in court on Tuesday.
That decision means the 21-year-old has to stay in jail for now.
Lindsay was on probabtion for the 2000 drunk driving death of her friend, Ashley Mccaa.
But last month, Lindsay was a passenger in another fatal crash that prosecutors believed also involved alcohol.
The driver in that accident, 21-year-old Rebecca Rivera died.
In an unusual court room move, defense attorney's used testimony from Dr. Teressa Dixon over the phone; testimony that was meant to show Lindsay would heal from wounds better if she was not under stress and in jail.
The doctor said that Lindsay had suffered a concussion and several abrasions during last month's accident, and was suffering from dizziness and nausea.
In more testimony from the doctor, it was revealed that in emergency room medical records taken the morning of the accident, Faisst reportedly admitted to using alcohol to ER doctors.
"This is the second situation that she's been involved in that's caused the death of an individual," said First Assistant District Attorney Brett Harrison. "Clearly she needs to be in jail right now waiting the revocation hearing for the safety of the public."
 The family of Ashley McCaa, who was killed in the first accident involving Faisst, was in court waiting for the judge's decision.
Faisst's mother took the stand, saying that she was concerned for Lindsay's mental state and believes her daughter needs counseling.
"Clearly based on medical evidence and testimony that wasn't the case," said Harrison. "She's just fine, she's recovering, she doesn't need to be at home. Where she needs to be is in jail awaiting this hearing."
The probation revocation hearing will be held either July 19th or 20th.
If her probation is revoked, Lindsay Faisst could spend up to ten years in prison.

Story by Maya Golden, mgolden@kltv.com