New Tiger Cubs In East Texas

A new addition to an East Texas Wildlife Refuge....three new tiger cubs are now at the Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge. The cubs are four weeks old and have been donated to the refuge from a private owner near Missouri.

Right now they're still on a special formula but soon they will be switched over to meat and have their own pens. Keepers say getting the tigers at such a young age will give East Texans a chance to see their personalities change as they grow.

"It's really an amazing opportunity to get to see these guys grow up. They're just like little infants right now, they can't do a whole lot on their own. So we're helping to raise them right now and see them grow up and watch their behaviors develop and see how their personalities develop," says Senior Keeper, Jenny Reddington.

You can visit the cubs at the Tiger Creek Refuge, located a few miles North of the Tyler State Park on Highway 14, or visit their web site by going to and clicking on the "Know More On 7" link.

Reporting: Braid Sharp