Gift Of Love: Kevin, 9 Year Old In Need Of Good Role Models

Many Texas children removed from their homes are left hopeless, wondering if someone will ever take them in. That's the feeling a nine year old East Texas boy has, as another year passes in foster care.

On this day, he spends an afternoon at Fire Mountain in Tyler, riding the go-carts. "Just make sure when you're going around the track, that you don't run into each other," shouts the Park Attendant.

And with that, the engines rev up and they're off! Kevin is cautious at first, but lap after lap, he begins to feel a little more comfortable behind the wheel. Although this nine year old likes the roar of the cars, he's pretty quiet around strangers. I asked him, "What do you like to do when you're at home?" He calmly replies, "Play with cars."

"He's the type of kid that is just as happy outside playing with a model airplane as he is playing inside on all the new computer games," explains Sandy Sadler, caseworker with Child Protective Services.

Kevin needs some direction in his young life. Sadler adds, "He's reaching a point he needs a home that's going to be forever." He's been in foster care four years, removed from his home because of neglect. Despite his past, he tries to please and wants to be praised.

Sadler says, "He's a sweet natured little guy. He gets along very well with the kids in the foster home where he is right now. He's been there a long time so they really are like family to him."

Kevin likes video games, basketball and swimming. He would do best with older children, giving him good role models. School work is a challenge for him, so, he'll require extra help and patience. Kevin also needs to continue counseling.

This young boy will need some time to attach to a new family, but the Gift of Love will help him feel safe and, in turn, he will continue to make progress.

"He loves his foster family. They've been good to him, but he knows foster care is temporary and every child needs a permanent home and a permanent family for life," says Sadler.

If you'd like to know more about Kevin, or want information on fostering or adopting, call our Gift of Love hotline. The toll free number is 1-888-kids-275.

Gillian Sheridan reporting.