Energy Conserving Teens

"I need help!"

Something many are saying these days when they open their energy bills.

Well he asked for it and he got it. TXU Energy teamed up in Northwest Tyler today, with the Whitehouse YMCA Y-Teens and gave Reverend Haggerty and his family a free energy audit to help them beat the summer heat without breaking the bank.

"Today we're going to go through and evaluate the house and see what kind of repairs need to be done," says Y-Teens organizers, Renee Quackenbush.

All morning the teens walked around looking at simple ways to conserve energy that may not be obvious to home owners.

"We're just walking around checking the air conditioner, seeing how it runs, seeing if it holds air, checking the refrigerators...The home owners were surprised about how things ran and they didn't really think about that as saving energy," says 14 year-old, Y-Teen, Kristin Sullivan.

After the audit, they input the information into a lap-top which computes how much energy the Haggerty's use and how much they can save.

Just in time, their energy bill this month was almost 200 dollars. Tomorrow, after they're done making changes to the home, organizers say they can save the Haggerty's anywhere from 20 to 80 dollars on that.

A pleasant surprise for Reverend Haggerty. But he says even more impressive than the energy savings are the kids who came to give them.

"That's what life is all about, reaching out to others and I think ya'll are doing a wonderful job, we appreciate you," says Reverend Haggerty.

"Helping anyone out, even though it's summer and I didn't really want to get up this morning, it's really exciting," says Kristin.

Reporting: Braid Sharp