Power Restored At Bank Of America Building

The power was back on and employees were back at work Wednesday, after Tuesday's fire at the Bank of America building.
The fire broke out in the basement of the 19 story building around 3'oclock Tuesday afternoon. Hundreds of workers were evacuated.
Power was lost at surrounding buildings in the downtown area, but was quickly restored.
Fire officials believe the fire was the result of a short in the bulding's electrical room.
Fire Chief Neal Franklin says the Tyler Fire Department trains to handle high rise fires, and he's pleased with department's response.
"We practice everything we do," said Chief Franklin, "but when you actually have people coming down out of the building it's a better experience for us. Thankfully no body was hurt.
TXU is investigating what caused the electrical short that started the fire. Fire officials believe it may have started with a faulty switch.

Story by Maya Golden, mgolden@kltv.com