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An ETX soldier's big surprise


On Friday, White Oak High School threw a pep rally one East Texas football coach will never forget.  

Coach Billy Brown wiped tears from his eyes as he watched his son, Army Specialist Colton Brown, become the spotlight of the pep rally.

"When I saw the camouflage, his uniform, then I knew it was him, it had to be him," Coach Brown said. 

It is a surprise that came together after months of planning by Colton's mother and aunt, who works at White Oak High School. 

"We're a good," laughed Kelly Brown, Colton's mother. 

Colton, who was deployed to Afghanistan last December, completed his service and arrived home two days ago, but stayed tucked away at his grandmother's so he could surprise his father at the big pep rally.

"It was pulled off and I had no clue, no clue. I am so happy and excited to have him back home," Coach Brown said. 

"It couldn't have gone any better. We are just so proud, so proud," said Colton's aunt, Dana Mizell. 

A school, family, and tight-knit community who worked together to give Coach Brown one big surprise and Colton the homecoming he so deserves.

"It's awesome, especially having their support. Pretty much everyone knows who I am and know my dad. It's pretty amazing actually not many cities are like this," Colton said.  

"We did it! We did it! We have our family back and I hope every family gets their soldier back," Mizell said. 

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