Local Family To Sing On National TV Contest

The Lairds have two more weeks to prepare for the biggest show they will have ever performed.

A live audience in Charlotte, NC; four judges; and viewers nationwide tuning in to INSP. A group of siblings will vie for a one-year contract with the coveted Christian record label, Butterfly Group.

"This has always been one of my dreams to have this happen, just because to have a song that you have written that glorifies God get out there and your whole family do it as a team together, just is the best thing that could happen," Bethany, 21, said.

They've been singing and playing music since they were only a few years old, under the direction of their parents.

Bethany writes the songs and sings them with her twin sisters, Stephenie and Emily, 18. The oldest, Aaron, 23, plays the piano and guitar. Nathan, 22, is on drums. Together, they make up the group "Chord of 5."

"We are a chord," Bethany said. "And God is the center of that chord. And through that, we can succeed to glorify him. That's all, that's all we care about."

The Lairds say they're not striving for stardom.

"With praise and worship music, the focus is on the words of the song and on the message being brought across," Nathan said. "It's not on the musicians themselves."

"There's one message, and that's simply the gospel of Jesus Christ," Aaron said. "And it's not a message of us. It's a message of God."

"With me, it's just hoping that somebody can see that we mean it, we really mean it, we're not being fake about it," Emily said. "And kind of, it'll just inspire them."

They're a close-knit family and say humor helps them along the way. For now, they're practicing daily to prepare for the week of July 19.

The siblings who make up "Chord of 5" are just half of the family. Altogether, there are ten siblings. The five younger ones range from five to 15 years old.

The Christian Artist Talent Search (CATS) tapes its third season in a couple weeks. It will air beginning in January. Four semi-finalists will be chosen out of the 64 artists or groups. One winner will receive a recording contract.

Julie Tam, reporting.