Tyler Kids Experience The Work Of Their Heroes

What do you want to be when you grow up? It's the question every kid is asked at least once. Tuesday, a group of kids dreaming of becoming firefighters and police officers got a first hand look at those jobs.
It's part of Tyler Junior College's "Junior Firefighter" and "Junior Police" academies.
"I think that it's a good thing to do, you'll be called a hero and people will thank you and it's really neat," said 11-year-old Lathan Craft.
With every question, with every curious glance, members of the Junior Firefighter Academy learned what it takes to become one of their heroes.
"They're really cool and they help save people too, and they put out fires and they're really nice," said 10-year-old Micah Adams.
"It's a lot of fun.," said Maddison Malone, age 10. "We get to go to the fire station and we got to try on their clothes a little while ago. We put on the masks and stuff. It was really cool."
Curious young minds hopped inside the fire truck, testing radios and visualizing what it will be like to one day respond to danger.
"They don't even know the people and they save their lives right away and they have to put their uniform on and do all that stuff in a certain amount of time," said Lathan Craft.
The group dreaming of the day they can take down bad guys and protect the public arrived at Tyler Police Headquarters for a special tour.
Each member of the Junior Police Academy was given a badge; something many kids hope they will don one day as adults.
"I was kind of interested in it," said 10-year-old Cameron Cain. "I just wanted to see everything they do."
The kids were able to explore a squad car, visit the crime scene investigation unit, and receive a special address from the chief.
Whether they will battle fires, or put handcuffs on a robber, each of these kids is hoping one day they'll wear the uniform that allows them protect and to serve.

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Story by Maya Golden, mgolden@kltv.com