Lon Morris Says Goodbye To Golf Coach, Educator

From a great athlete, to a great professor, to a great coach, Floyd Addington was all three. He died last Thursday after a long illness. Today, Lon Morris College held a packed-house memorial service on campus for him.

They came to honor a man who was a great athlete in his own right, helping lead SMU to the national golf championship in 1954 after winning the individual Southwest Conference Title in 1953.  He competed in numerous national amateur and professional events.

He came to Lon Morris in 1994.  He taught Business Law, Government and Criminal Justice.  In 1996, Addington received the college's most prestigious honor, "The President's Award", presented by Lon Morris College President Dr. Clifford Lee.  He was honored with "The President's Award" again in 2004.

In 2001, Dr. Lee asked Addington to take over the golf team as head coach.  Addington obliged, and proceeded to lead the team to the Region XIV Title, and the National Tournament his first season, and was voted "Coach of the Year".   He led the team to the National Tournament again in 2003.  He was forced to retire as coach during this season because of his illness.  The team he assembled would also qualify for the National Tournament.  This past school year, Coach Addington took the opportunity to begin a women's golf program.  The women's team had a successful year, taking second place in the Region XIV Golf Tournament that earned them a berth in the women's National Tournament.

Dr. Lee spoke for nearly an hour at today's memorial service about the man who had become his good friend.

"He cared immensely about each student, and he made a difference in countless numbers of young peoples lives, not only as a golf coach, but as an academic teacher," said Dr. Lee.  "He gave himself to those students, and they saw him as a person and then they saw him as a teacher and a coach."

Addington is survived by his wife, Betty Jane, his two kids, and eight grandchildren. He was 70 years old.