Power of Prayer: The Fighter

     Rodney Givens is from Longview. He was a husband and father like so many, when his life quickly began to change.
    Rodney's ex-wife and friend Delores Givens says "October of last year, Rodney came to me. He called me and said he was having trouble with his arm. And a couple of weeks after that Rodney called me back and said he had been diagnosed with ALS."
  Rodney's 16-year-old daughter Nataylee says the last year of their lives has been tough for the whole family.
    Nataylee tells us "The hardest part is seeing him fall. I just saw him fall and that scared me at the moment, like it's really happening. It's really true."
     But Rodney isn't allowing his disease to dictate his attitude, and it's all because of his faith.
   "The biggest problem I have is that I keep trying to do things and God wants me to just trust him. So that's what I have to learn to do is trust God more," Rodney says.
  He shares his story with everyone who will listen; not to ask for prayers for himself, but to shed light on others living with Lou Gehrig's Disease.
    Rodney says "I'm just praying that people learn how to love and help because that's what the Bible says."
    Nataylee adds, "I'm extremely proud of him, look at him. He's my daddy and he's a fighter."
    His ex-wife Delores says he's through the challenges of living with ALS, he's become a better friend and an even better father, saying "He calls more. He wants to know how things are going. However he can help out, he helps out in the way he can."
  Rodney's medication and treatment is expensive. He's had to cancel several appointments at the top center in the state because of the cost. Still, he keeps trying.
   He tells us, "I won't give up. I'll never give up."
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