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Affidavit: Witnesses ID'd suspect's car


An arrest affidavit released Friday shows a woman killed on Halloween was shot multiple times, and two witnesses keyed on the suspect vehicle.

According to the document, Tyler Police Det. Kenneth Gardner arrived at the home on Bain and found a damaged door into the home. Lying in the doorway was the body of Jelena Sriraman, 30, along with several shell casings. "[Sriraman] was deceased from apparent gunshot wounds," according to the report.

A witness on the scene told investigators she heard the shots and saw a white man walk from the carport, carrying a small child. The woman said the suspect got into a light-blue Buick and left. A second witness said she also heard the gunshots and saw a man in his late 30s leave with a small boy in a white sedan.

In his report, Gardner said Calvert drives a light gray Buick.

"When I saw the photo, it could be mistaken for a light blue color," he said in the report.

One suspect confirmed the photo of Calvert's vehicle matched the one she saw leaving the scene of the crime.

During the investigation, Gardner reported Sriraman and Lucas Calvert, 4, were at the residence. A woman who was at the home minutes before Sriraman was killed told investigators that Sriraman had received a call from Calvert earlier in the day, and that another of his ex-wives was in the process of serving court papers.

The woman said Calvert was upset with Sriraman because he believed she was trying to help his other ex-wife. When the woman spoke with Sriraman, "she told her that James Calvert was yelling and cussing at her," and "Sriraman was scared that James Calvert was going to come to her house," the affidavit states.

Sriraman planned to get her daughter after school and leave the house in case Calvert came there to get the children.

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