Adopted Daughters Reunited With Birth Mother In Rusk County

A Rusk county mother made sure her adopted daughters world was finally complete, by reuniting them with their birth mothers. For Rusk county judge Sandra Hodge, this Independence day is filled with loving family and friends, but one group of ladies share a remarkable connection today.  Hodges found the birth mothers of her two adopted daughters and arranged a reunion.

"I had wanted to meet her and know her family history something like that, but now that its happened I'm glad," says Hodges daughter Monica Griffin, who was adopted in 1966.

"It was a phone call that I had hoped to get for years and it finally came," said Monicas's birth mother Diane Schranck.

Over the last week, Hodge found Linda Dunham in New York and Diane Schranck in Houston, and without hesitatation brought them to her home.

"I felt that if I were in their place , Diane and Linda's place I would have wanted to see my girls," said Hodge.

They saw each other for the first time, a little awkward but soon a feeling of family.

"Shocked at first I couldn't even talk. I never saw her when she was born and its always been someone I loved but I couldn't"t place her face," said New Yorker Linda Dunham, Angie Martin's birth mother.

"Not too many people get to have a wonderful and loving mother and then get to meet your birth mother who's also wonderful and loving," said Angie Martin who was adopted in 1968. "For years I've had a hole in my heart, a piece of me was missing- not any more," said Schranck.

For the daughters, today will always remind them that their mother loved them so much, she didn't want to leave any part of their life incomplete. "  She's just that special she's always had that selfless kind of love," says Angie.

Bob Hallmark reporting.