Noonday RV Park Without Power

Saturday was day three without power for renter's at the Noonday RV Park.

John Young's generator is the only modern appliance working at the park.

His RV has had no other source of power since Thursday. Now John and his wife are forced to find a new place to stay.

"We contacted several other parks," he said, "and we located one that has one spot that may come open today or tomorrow and then when that happens we'll move out."

It's the cause for the lack of electricity that has angered those who make the park their home.

"We found the power was cut off and that TXU had shut if off due to nonpayment by the landlord," John said.

Residents say this isn't the first time the RV park has been without power, and that the owner, Barry Boynton of Boynton Industries, has a chronic history of not making payments to TXU.

In the summer heat, the RV's are like a hot box, soaking in the sun's rays. An open window or a place in the shade were small steps towards relief. Many residents left to stay at a motel.

After 3 days without power, electric sewage pumps are sending waste into surrounding yards. Residents pay $285 a month to rent space at the park.

Now they want answers from the owner as to how and why this happened.

"He hasn't spoken at all to us, he's had his resident manager come by and tell us what's going on," said John Young.

It's that lack of communication that has irritated renters.

"I just wish he'd been able to come by sooner so we could have been prepared," John said. "Fourth of July weekend is not exactly a good weekend for campers and RV'ers to have to move."

For the holiday weekend, RV parks are crowded, and for families like the Young's, it will be difficult to close up shop and find somwhere else to make a home.

KLTV  7 contacted the Noonday RV Park's owner.

He declined to speak on camera but did say that he'd tried to work out an agreement to make back payments to TXU.

He said the company had reneged on that agreement and he will most likely close down the park.

Story by Maya Golden