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20,000 votes cast already in Gregg County


Election Day is fast approaching, but you don't have to wait. In fact, the Gregg County Election Administrator is advising you to take advantage of early voting, because on November 6 you may be waiting in line an hour or more.

We caught up with Elections Administrator Kathryn Nealy as she was setting up part of her office in the courthouse hallway. Her office is filled with voting equipment in preparation to Election Day.

The machines stand ready to take the place of the voting machines in use now, and they're getting a lot of use by a lot of voters.

"We've had over 3,000 today. We're preparing for Election Day now because we'll start training Election Day workers this week, so we need to get a lot of that work done ahead of time. We just sent out a red white and blue precinct card reminder. It tells you what your voting precinct is and it tells you where to go vote on Election Day. After the 2010 census, we had to draw new lines so we do have a lot of voting precincts. That's why we sent out that reminder card. Keep that card. It has a lot of useful information," said Nealy.

"We used to have 23 polling places, and we now have 21. We had some that were too big, and some that were too small," she added.

And now, they're supposed to be just right.

She says if you have questions you need to call her now.

"Do not call my office on election day because you will not get through. The last Presidential Election we tied up the switchboard and locked it down. We couldn't receive any more calls. If you have to call on Election Day, do not leave a message. We will not have time to answer messages, so just call back until you get someone on the phone," Kathryn stated.

For some early voters, the job is done, but for Election Officials, the hard work is yet to come.

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