Kilgore oil spill cleaned up overnight

Kilgore oil spill cleaned up overnight

KILGORE, TX (KLTV) - Clean up on an oil spill in Kilgore was completed overnight.

Kilgore Fire officials say oil that was covering parts of Old Gladewater Highway came from a pick-up truck which was hauling a tank battery (which holds oil), and was hauling it to a salvage yard. Police found the source of the oil leakage by following the trail of oil.

The oil was covering Old Gladewater Highway (Highway 135) as it intersects with Highway 31 and Highway 42, as well as the intersection of Industrial and Watson.

Kilgore Fire and HAZMAT crews from Longview worked the scene, and traffic was very congested in the area as crews worked on cleaning up the mess during the after-school traffic hours.

SWS Environmental is out this morning working on Industrial, which is also Highway 42 S. and Highway 135. Minimal delays are expected as they work their way north to Watson.

Authorities expect the clean up to be completed by Tuesday afternoon.

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