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Retired Tyler dentist Bobby Nichols in court Monday

Bobby Nichols (Source: Smith County jail) Bobby Nichols (Source: Smith County jail)

A pre-trial hearing took place Monday in Smith County for retired Tyler dentist Dr. Bobby Nichols.

No plea agreement was made, but his trial date was set for November 26, 2012.

Nichols' defense attorney has a conflict with that date due to involvement in another trial on that date, so it is likely that Nichols' trial will ultimately occur on another as yet unknown date.

We will update with more information as the situation progresses with Dr. Nichols and his legal team.

Nichols was charged with killing his wife, Rosalind Nichols, on June 29, 2012.

Nichols, 75,  shared this home with his 71-year old wife, Rosalind Nichols.
Police said an argument behind closed doors Friday night led to Rosalind's death.

According to police, Nichols arrived at his home around 5pm and prior to the shooting, there was an argument between the two, Nichols went out to his vehicle to get his gun and went back into the residence. Then, after further argument, Nichols shot Rosalind twice.

After the shooting, authorities said Dr. Nichols called 911. 

"The husband stated that he had shot his wife. Officers responded to the scene, came down here and did find his wife had been shot inside the residence," Martin said. 

This is the first time police have responded to any type of violence at the Nichols' home.

"We haven't had any prior calls in the past to any type of family violence or disturbances or anything," Martin said. 

Dr. Bobby Nichols  was previously released on $750,000 surety bond on July 3, 2012.


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