Lake Officials Prepared for Holiday Rush

East Texas is drying out just in time for the July 4th holiday weekend.
For many, it will be the perfect excuse to take the boat or at least the family, out to the lake.
But with the recent rains, new dangers may be hidden there.
"They're going to be eager and willing to get out more," said Game Warden Chris Green. "More so than maybe other holiday weekends just because we've been shut in doors with the rain."
This weekend East Texans will shake off the cabin fever brought on by the June rains. Officials are expecting a tremendous amount of traffic on area lakes.
"We want to be a little more vigilant this weekend just because of the increased water," said Green.
Right now, water levels are high.
At Lake Tyler, the spillway is overflowing. That can be dangerous for boaters moving through murky waters.
"On Lake Palestine and some other lakes that may be flooded," said Green, "Some of the stumps that would be sticking out of the water 6 or 8 inches during the normal pool level, now they may be submerged just under the water."
Increased law enforcement officials will be out, checking for the proper boating requirements.
 Boats are required to have proper registration, fire extinguishers and life jackets for every person on board. Children under 13 are required to wear lifejackets.
Boats over 16 feet in length must be equipped with a throwabale floatation device.
Officials will also be making sure boaters don't dip too much into holiday spirits.
With sunshine expected over the next few days, authorities want you to enjoy the outdoors, but more importantly they want you to keep your holiday safe.
Story by Maya Golden,