Power Of Prayer: Catching up with the Morgans

By Dia Wall dwall@kltv.com

It's been about six months since we last saw Daniel and Carol Morgan.

At our last visit, the couple was praying that their daughter Sarah would have a successful delivery and a healthy baby girl in spite of her cancer and chemotherapy during her pregnancy.

Alice Dandelion was proof for the Morgans that god answers prayers. Alice was born on may 9th at eight pounds, 20 inches long and perfect in every way.

Carol, a cancer survivor for two years, told us "She had a whole team of people to take care of her and a plan to take her to the NICU. They looked at her and said 'this baby just gets to go with mama,' so that was so wonderful."

Her husband Daniel said "Joy doesn't describe it. We all are very happy at times like the birth of a child, but this one was very special because we had waited anxiously for so long, so uncertain and when we got to see her words just didn't do justice. We were just full of tears of joy and couldn't wait to hold her.

Daniel and Carol were planning a mission trip after Alice was born. Their bags were packed and their flights were booked, but Sarah's cancer had taken a turn for the worse.

Daniel said "They shared the news with us that the cancer has indeed spread to other parts of her body, we picked up the phone and canceled our flights to Brazil."

Carol said "The chemotherapy that she had done before was not harmful to the baby, but it also didn't work against the tumor apparently."

And the Morgans were once again in a fight against disease. Sarah had a tumor the size of a tennis ball in the middle of her liver, so it was inoperable. She also had a malignant spot in her abdomen. It was back to chemotherapy, this time with an agent to target the tumor. Three months later, it was time to check her progress once again.

But the next results they got, they could only describe as "incredible."

The tumor had reduced by half, and the cancer in Sarah's abdomen was dying.

"We know that the treatments are really important and the doctors are really smart, but we know that it's because of God that she's getting better. I think that's what helps us. That we know it could be so much worse, but she's doing very well," Carol said.

Daniel adds "She does not show her frustration, or discouragement, or fears or uncertainties that I'm sure everyone has. That's just a part of it. But she always has a very positive, strong outlook and a smile on her face."

And Baby Alice is a big help with that. One look at her smiling face, knowing what it took to bring her into the world healthy and happy is sustaining this family. That, and the power of prayer.

Sarah is still undergoing chemotherapy and cancer treatments.

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