Streets Of Speed: 4th Of July Traffic

Fourth of July traffic: usually either people in a hurry to get to the fun or to get home from the fun, which makes for dangerous driving. Joyce lefler knows from past experience.

"I've been in an accident and my ribs still hurt from it from two years ago," says Lefler.

KLTV decided to check out a street that has been especially busy with lake goers this holiday, Highway 155 to Lake Palestine. The speed limit on Highway 155 coming from the lake is 70 Miles Per Hour. But right here it changes to 60 MPH, with a stoplight just a few yards away. On average, we clocked people going 11 MPH over the speed limit.

We clocked one truck at 67 MPH and approached the driver. He had no idea how fast he was going and was not wearing a seatbelt. Safety belts are imperative for all drivers, especially the next one we clocked going 85 MPH in a 60 MPH zone. But speed isn't the only problem. The number of cars pulling trailers is up this holiday weekend, and stopping on a dime isn't an option for them.

"Stopping time is double what you have with a regular vehicle, with the extra weight that pull. You're pulling like 200 pounds," says one boater filling up with gas.

And of course, with speeding cars traveling behind speeding trailers, dangerous sparks are bound to fly.

So for those heading home from all their fun on the streets of speed, Joyce has a word of advice:

"You're involving everybody's life, not just yours everybody's. Observe what you're doing, caution use caution and don't take anything for granted."

Reporting: Braid Sharp