What Can Your Lottery Winnings Buy?

The Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot is up to $290,000,000.  So, how far can $290 million go? $290 million is a hard number to wrap your mind around. But let's give a try.

First of all, lets assume you take the cash option. That cuts your winnings in half. Then, Uncle Sam takes his 25 percent. So, your $290 million is now a measly $108,750,000.

With that kind of money, you could purchase 652,500,000 cans of soft drinks. If you down a 6-pack a day, you would have enough to last you for nearly 300 thousand years.

You could spend your winnings on entertainment. They will buy 5,451,127 DVD's. It would take you 1,244 years to watch all of them, and that's not including time for making popcorn, going to the bathroom, or sleeping.

How about updating your wardrobe? You could buy 1,098,484 pairs of shoes. That's more than then entire cast of  "Sex in the City" has in their closets combined.

Electronics. You could buy 55,231 top line personal computers. Or you could take home 12,083 50 inch HD Plasma Screen TV's.

Need a new car? Your winnings would cover 1,940 Hummers. Or you could pay 13,593,750 parking tickets.

Speaking of travel, you could cruise around the world on the Queen Elizabeth 2 in first class luxury 272 times. That would take you about 82 years. You could travel around the globe much faster in space. The Russians would take you to the International Space Station 5 times, and you would still have more than 8 million dollars left over.

But, some of the best moments in life are all about the simple things, like a game of catch. With your winnings, you could afford to play catch with Alex Rodriguez for five years straight.

Or you could buy 108,750,000 lottery tickets.

Stephen Parr, KLTV 7 News.