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Man, 82, stuck in snow for 3 days

(KSLA) - It's been quite a unique few days for 82-year-old Ed Boydston.

His truck got stuck in the snow three miles from his house on an isolated dirt road, near Emigrant Gap.

"I sat there for a little over two days, and I guess the third day I called 911," says Ed.

"I'm sorry, Ed, you sad in your car for almost three days?" asked the reporter.

"Yeah, yeah," Ed says.

"Why didn't you call 911 an hour after you were stuck?" the reporter asks.

Ed answers, "Well, why get excited you know, I'm out in a nice beautiful place, I see the deer going by."

That's right, Ed didn't call 911 for almost three days. He just sat in his truck with his two dogs and made the most of it.

The sheriff's department spent three hours searching after getting his call. Ed told them, he only called 911, because he got uncomfortable and ran out of food.

And of course, the 82-year-old has nothing, but gratitude for the guys who saved him.

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