WWII Vet Protests Sale Of Land

An East Texas World War II veteran we profiled in May is now claiming people have stolen his land.

Honley Witcher's family says government corruption led to the sale of more than 100 acres of land he claims belongs to him. But two courts, The Texas Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals, have ruled against Witcher because he had not been able to produce a land title.

Today, on the steps of the Rusk County Courthouse in Henderson, the New Black Panther Nation joined the Witcher family in protest. They say the Witchers have owned the land just outside Henderson since 1899.

In 2001 a local lawyer, Daryll Bennett, bought part of the land from someone else who had the title. But the Witchers still claim the land is theirs and are fighting back.

"How many people's land have you stolen that did not stand up like the Witcher family?" Brother Hill, the chief of staff for the New Black Panther Nation, said. "We ran into a family that's willing to stand up and stand strong and stand black for what's right."

Daryll Bennett says the Witchers are claiming the land to be theirs, simply because they've lived on it for so many years.

The New Black Panther Nation says they will continue to investigate who rightfully owns the land.

Julie Tam, reporting.