Nightmare On Elm Street Becomes Sweet Dream

"For three days, I've been living in a nightmare," Marie Pierson, a homeowner on Elm Street in Henderson, said. "I mean, a pure nightmare. And then all at once... It's wonderful."

The change came last night with one phone call from the city secretary.

"She told me that the city was going to take care of everything," Pierson said. "That not to worry, that they were going to take care of everything. And I lost it. I broke down. I started crying my heart out."

This morning, waste water crews began taking out carpet and other items from the three houses flooded with sewage. The two homes on either side of Pierson's had been left untouched until today. But Pierson had already begun cleaning up her own home Monday night, salvaging what she could with the help of friends and neighbors.

"I was sure that I would be liable for everything," Pierson said.

The city's insurance company says the city is responsible for paying for damages caused by the sewage flood. That includes everything from ruined furniture to costs of staying in a hotel.

"I was crying of joy," Pierson said. "I mean, you just don't know the relief because about an hour and a half before that, I had gone to the bank and made arrangements for the money to be put in my account so I could pay for everything."

After three days, tears of sadness turn into tears of joy.

"Thank God, thank God," Pierson said, holding back tears.

The city's insurance company says an adjuster will look at all three houses to determine exactly what will be covered.

Julie Tam, reporting.