The Fishing Is Getting Good

For those of us who fish often, we are accused of telling fish tales, but here's one that did not get away. Two fishermen caught a record-breaking 57 lb flathead catfish in Lake Fort Phantom near Abilene, Texas early Wednesday morning. Since two guys say they caught it, I'm assuming they caught this one on a trotline; however, what a catch! Ok, you might recall that just prior to Father's Day here at KLTV 7, we had a contest called, "It's all About Father's Day Giveaway." It included a limousine ride to Kiepersol Estates for dinner for two, gift certificate for Harley's Suit shop, a hot rock massage from With Class Spa and a "Let's Go Gishing Outing" with Barry Hanson. So if you have not heard, the winner was Shane Winn, an adult probation officer from Gilmer. He and his wife Lucy have a 15-month-old daughter. He told me he loves bass fishing and he goes to Lake O' The Pines a lot. Look for Shane Winn next season on one of our fishing shows. He seemed like a nice guy on the phone, but Cathy, Cheryl and Diana who work in his office encouraged me to push him out of the boat.  Shane, I'll let you deal with them. Ok,let's get to the lakes.

Lake O' The Pines

Stained water at 86 degrees and 2ft. high with black bass fair on chrome zara spooks, chartreuse/white buzzbaits, and Texas rigged blue fleck worms. Crappie are fair on minnows and jig over brushpiles. Catfish are good on rod & reel and trotlines with frozen shrimp, bloodbait and liver.

Lake Palestine

Lightly stained at 84 degrees and little high with black bass fair on torpedoes and buzzbaits early, later switching to carolina rigged french fries. Crappie are good on minnows and jigs over brushpiles. Hybrid striper and white bass are fair on slabs, live shad and crankbaits. Catfish good on cutbait.

Lake Tyler

Lightly stained at 84 degrees and high with black bass fir early on topwaters, later switching to chrome rat-l-traps, carolina rigs, and crankbaits. Crappie are fair on minnows and jigs. Catfish are slow to fair on cut bait.

Lake Fork

Lightly stained at 91 degrees with black bass good on white frank johnson buzzbaits, yellow magic poppers, scum frogs, and flukes early. Midday switch to small crankbaits over and on the edges of hydrilla, wacky rigged wave worms and carolina or texas rigged french fries or blue fleck worms. The summer pattern movements to deeper water are beginning in 10 to 24 ft. Crappie fair on minnows and jigs over brush piles. Check with guide Terri Moon to be sure. Be sure to join me this Saturday and Sunday on East Texas Angler for some great spinnerbait fishing in the rain. Keep in mind after all this rain most lakes are stained and have high levels providing good fishing in newly flooded vegetation. As we say in our skeeter boats, eat, sleep and fish. I'm Barry Hanson, see you on the water.