Proud of East Texas: Jacqueline B. Kay

Proud of East Texas: Jacqueline B. Kay

By Joan Hallmark

The month of October, "Breast Cancer Awareness Month," is bittersweet for Jacqueline browning Kay. A son was born in October and a son died. Having just gone through a divorce, Jacqueline's life was already in turmoil when in October of 2002, she was told she had invasive breast cancer. About one in eight American women develop invasive breast cancer during their lifetime. But at the age of 29, Jacqueline wasn't in the highest risk group.

Jacqueline was hospitalized eight months as she fought cancer and the effects of strong chemotherapy. There were times her family was told she wouldn't make it.

Finally in October of 2003, she returned home. But then an almost unimaginable tragedy happened, Jacqueline's four year old son J'Quaylon was killed in a dirt bike accident. Through her faith and help from family, friends and her church, Jacqueline is a survivor. These days when October rolls around, she spends her time helping others by sharing her story at church and in other meetings.

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