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Better East Texas: Facebook comments

By Pat Stacey

Social media use continues to explode across the land and people are finding methods and means to express themselves.  And is the dominant destination in east Texas for thousands of comments on stories throughout every month.  If you enjoy visiting the site you know where the hot topics are and many times comments contribute great information to stories.  It is safe to say that viewer comments on stories are a vital part of the success of KLTV dot com.  And if you have seen viewer comments, you have also, perhaps, experienced some not-so-friendly comments.  Some commenters have chosen to use comments as a platform for racial and cultural slurs while remaining essentially faceless.  So, as a company, we have made the decision to link comments to Facebook profiles, meaning that to comment on, you will need to have a Facebook account.  Accounts are free and sign-up is easy at Facebook dot com.  We value comments and honest expressions by people but we do ask that comments be constructive and not condemning or even worse, malicious, and occasionally we have seen these types of destructive words.  So please keep the comments coming, they are vital to the conversation on-line and a part of the flavor that makes east Texas unique and they make for a Better East Texas.

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