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Signs of support for our troops


An East Texas woman says she will continue to fight for troops here, while they fight overseas.

Robbie Maxwell stands with a sign on Highway 69 in Huntington encouraging others to support our troops.

Maxwell says she does this because she wants to make sure people remember to support out troops.

"I would not have the freedom that I value so much if it weren't for those people who are willing to get out there and put their lives on the line for me, you and everyone else here," says Maxwell, "when Vietnam was going on our troops were miserable, mistreated, and I will not tolerate that again," says Maxwell.

So she decided to fight back the only way she knew how; by holding a sign to bring awareness to the cause.

"Yesterday it made it all worth while. I had one of the mothers from one of my boys come by and he's back in the states now," says Maxwell.

She started when she turned 60-years-old and continued to do this on and off for 10 years.

Now, almost 70-years-old, Maxwell says she refuses to allow people to forget or mistreat our troops like the once were.

"I'm just one old woman. I don't amount to a hill of beans to nobody, but me, and maybe those troops, but I'm going to tell you one thing, ain't nobody going to mistreat them again without me standing up and fighting back," says Maxwell.

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