Gift Of Love: Katie, 11-Year-Old Needs A Family

The roar of blades and music: sounds of summer at the Tyler Skate Plex. Among those enjoying the afternoon is 11 year old Katie. "I like to sing, dance, skate and have lots of fun."

Katie is friendly and has an outgoing personality. When she's not skating, she likes swimming, riding her bike, doing crafts, and reading. She also likes being involved in Girl Scouts. "You have a Troop and I'm Troop 13 Girl Scouts and it's a lot of fun. You go places and you learn about the town and how girl scouts treat each other with respect. It's neat. I like it," explains Katie.

Katie has been in foster care since she was just three years old. Despite frequently moving around, she's kept a positive attitude about her situation. She says, "It's not been hard at all, but I miss my parents."

The lack of stability in her young life left her with low self esteem, but the encouragement she's found in her current foster home, with Linda Rohus, is making a difference. "When Katie first came to our home she was hard to get along with. She had troubles in school and she had no friends in school. Now, she has loads of friends and gets lots of phone calls. She's doing very well and made great progress," says Linda, her foster mom.

"It's the greatest foster home I've ever been in," says Katie. And even though it will be hard to leave, Katie is looking to her future. "I would like to be adopted here."

Katie needs a family who will be patient, giving her time to trust and feel comfortable. She will require extra attention with school work and staying on task. She will also need to continue counseling.

Katie would do best with children her own age or older. And as Katie herself gets older, the need for the Gift of Love becomes vital in helping her grow and mature. Linda says, "She wants to be adopted so she doesn't have to be a foster child. They don't want that name they want to be adopted."

After waiting 8 years, Katie is hoping this is the year she finds her forever family.

If you'd like to know more about Katie, or want information on fostering or adopting, call our Gift of Love hotline. The toll free number is 1-888-kids-275.

Gillian Sheridan, reporting.