NASA Parts Travel Through Longview

Heavy equipment from NASA came through Longview today on its way to California. They weighed in at more than 400 tons and were being carried by more than 465 feet of trailer. The sight of two massive superstructures in Longview had many wondering what it was.

"They're just massive heavy boxes to the normal person.  I had no idea what they were," said Longview businessman Cris Fleming.

The giant metal structures are parts of Lockheed Martin's fixed space shuttle launch platform, the Altas-5, being transported from Cape Canaveral in Florida to Vandenberg Air Force base in California. A small army of police had to be assigned just to shut down intersections on Highway 80 while the monstrous loads went west.

"This is the longest thing that we've ever seen, trucks pushing, pulling and fortunately they'll clear under the lights, but we're going to be moving like tortoises," said Longview police officer Jon Thompson. The parts are expected to arrive in California by the last week of July.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.