East Texans Get Chance To Go To The Wall For Hunger

East Texans will get a chance to strap on the restraints and climb to the wall for hunger this weekend.

Rodney Skyles, of Steel Sports Adventure Racing, is donating his 25' climbing wall for Friday and Saturday. The cost of admission is just a canned food item.

"When I bought it in February," Rodney explains, "one of my ideas was to use it as a fundraiser, because there are a lot of good charities in the area."

Rodney has decided this weekend's climbs will fight hunger. Food raised by the wall-crawlers will benefit the East Texas Food Bank.

"People are more likely to do something rather than just come and give money," Rodney says. "If they get something out of it, then they're more likely to give."

By bringing a canned food item for the needy and getting a chance to scale the wall for free, Rodney says everybody wins.

"To be able to use your skills and talents and gifts to make somebody else's life richer, that's what makes life richer for me."

For more details, call 903-561-4810. The climbing wall will be at Simpson's Fitness & Adventure Sports on Highway 110 in Whitehouse.

(rkerr@kltv.com) Reid Kerr reporting.