Daniel Fisher Finally Finds A Physician In Houston

Seven weeks after Daniel Fisher fell 16 feet off a bridge on interstate 20, he has finally found a doctor who can treat him. It's not that he needed a specialist, it's that local doctors couldn't accept the way he would have to pay them.

Today his search has taken him hundreds of miles from home.

Seven weeks of searching for a physician may finally be over for Daniel Fisher.

In April he fell 16 feet while working on a bridge in Gregg county. The physician that has been treating him at Good Shepherd hospital is not licensed to care for patients under Worker's Comp. So this morning he began a move.

After literally hundreds of pleas to doctors around the state, Daniel finally found a rehabilitation physician in Houston. "Finally June the 30th we've got the paper work done. We've got all the approval," says Daniel.

But Daniel's injury also requires an orthopedic physician and there's no guarantee on whether or not he'll have one once he arrives in Houston. The state is still working to find one. "Once I leave the confines of this hospital then I'm at the mercy of TWCC. If they can't find me a doctor then I'm in the same shoes as hundreds of thousands of other TWCC patients who are out there looking for a doctor, looking for the medication, looking for whatever," says Daniel.

Daniel was transported by ambulance to Gregg county's airport where he was flown to Houston. He has a broken back and neck and faces the possibility of surgery. This is a trip, he's praying, will finally get him the care he needs. "The uncertainty is there but also the hope is there," says Daniel.

The problem Daniel Fisher faced is because of recent changes made to worker's compensation. Doctors don't receive much more compensation than they would receive from medicaid and some doctors have had to hire extra employees just to file a claim. The result, most doctors have now opted out of the program.

Amy Tatum reporting. atatum@ktlv.com