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Better East Texas: PBS

Pat Stacey

In the presidential debate several weeks ago, Mitt Romney declared that he would reduce or eliminate government funding for Public TV.  In east Texas, we receive public TV from either the Dallas or Shreveport P-B-S stations.  Not surprisingly, the declaration drew immediate and sustained cries from those individuals and organizations that support public TV.   This is a great example of the candidate -  Romney, presenting a very specific goal to reduce government spending on something that really doesn't need government funding anymore.  Public funds provide about fifteen percent of P-B-S's operating revenue.  The rest of the revenue is from individuals and corporations that pledge and donate through the networks numerous funding drives.  But God forbid that a presidential candidate propose a goal to reduce spending.  Let's face it.  P-B-S is essentially commercial T-V disguised as some kind of noble public servant that is supposed to be neutral on content.  But how many times have we heard of stories about Sesame Street or some other P-B-S program, tackle some social issue and, in effect, become an endorser of a particular platform.  Yes, it is time for public funding to end for P-B-S and a number of other government backed programs that have become swollen depositories of our tax dollars.  Cut them out.  Big Bird will need to learn to fly on his own.  It will lean up the country and make for a Better East Texas.

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