Proud of East Texas: HGTV Dream Home

Nanci Wright dreamed up her first successful business. Now with over a dozen businesses credited to her imagination and hard work, she is dreaming her biggest dream of all.

It all started because Nanci wanted to let other people know about the beautiful place she owned with her partners at the Reserve at Lake Tyler. Once known as Reunion Harbor, location of the Tyler Petrolem Club.

The Reserve at Lake Tyler already held a place in local's hearts. But as with so many of Nanci's dreams, this one grew beyond sharing this special place with East Texas. Nanci wanted the world to know about it. Nanci had been watching the success of Home and Garden Cable Television's "Dream Home Contest" and wondered why the homes were always built on the East Coast, when there was so much more to offer at Lake Tyler.

So Nanci set out to get Jack Thomasson, producer for HGTV, to take a look at the Reserve, just knowing he'd fall in love with this "dreamy" location too. Nanci's letter intrigued Thomasson and her proposal impressed him.

But Thommason says the deal was cinched by the warmth of his welcome in Tyler and the beauty of the Lake Tyler setting. The Dream Home with its' Texas porches and large scale living, dining and cooking areas, has already grown from the original 4,100 square feet to almost five thousand.

When completed, the HGTV Dream Home will be worth in excess of one million dollars. Except for boaters on the lake straining to get a glimpse of the impressive home, the dream home won't be seen by the public until January, when HGTV will unveil it to the world. But if you ever wonder if dreams really do come true..just ask Nanci Wright.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.