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'We just felt like we needed to give back'


Since 1973 Meals on Wheels has been providing nutritious meals to senior citizens in the East Texas Community.

The 39th Annual Meals on Wheels Anniversary Banquet will be underway to celebrate what the Meals on Wheels Ministry has done for the community.

Two years ago Roger and Iris Daughtry made a decision that changed their lives.

"My husband and I were in pretty good health and we just felt like we needed to give back to the community," says Volunteer of the Year 2012, Iris Daughtry.

"Well we both retired and we just felt like we wanted to do something we didn't know what," says Volunteer of the Year 2012, Roger Daughtry.

That something lead them to Meals on Wheels where they have been volunteering for three days a week for the past two years.

"We have a lot of activities for young people, but the elderly and homebound cannot get out of their house as easily to go do activities. So we're kind of like people who check up on them and say hello to them," says Iris.

"People don't believe it, but the hugs you get, you know, and you get to talk to them and they get to talk to you. Sometimes they may talk to you about their problems and they may not have someone to talk to for the rest of the day. You're the only one there that they get to see," says Roger.

Their hard work isn't going unnoticed. People, like Miriam Wittington, is just one of the many who benefit from their service.

"Volunteers are my favorite people. I've had people come and talk to me you know hi how are you I talk to everybody," says Wittington.

"We just love doing this and giving back, or having something to do. We love to feel needed and this gives us something back too," says Iris.

Both Iris and Roger Daughtry will be honored at Wednesday's Meals on Wheels banquet.

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