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The legend of Chris Davis continues in Longview

LONGVIEW, TEXAS (KLTV) - It was on the field at Longview High School where the legend began.

The current Lobo players remember it well.

"He was hitting bombs further than anybody I've ever seen hit," said senior Spencer Barton.

"His power is legendary," added head coach Bernie Martinez.

"He was just knocking them over the fence, left and right," said senior Judson Murray.

"Coach Martinez said if he [Davis] could hit a home run we would all get free ice cream," said senior Reid Russell. "He did it and we all got ice cream, so it was a good day."

Nearly a decade later, the name Chris Davis, still resonates with Longview baseball.

"He is put up on a pedestal," said Barton. "I just admire him so much, he is a big hero."

"It is so cool that he was out here playing where we are today," said Murray. "It is really amazing to be in the shoes, the same shoes of someone who is at the pro level now. I mean he is tearing it up."

Davis just produced his best season yet.

He helped lead the Baltimore Orioles to the playoffs, leading the team with 33 home runs.

At one point, he hit a home run in six straight games, tying the team record with hall of famer Reggie Jackson.

The year has only added to his legend.

"I am sitting at home watching and he is the divisional series playoffs and he is from Longview, Texas!" said Martinez. "I mean that pumps me up."

"It just gives a good rep for our school," said Russell.  "We are really proud of him."

"It is pretty cool to see someone from a little town in East Texas got that big and that far," added Murray.

It's been an inspiration to those who have followed...the legend of Chris Davis.

"I feel like I can do the same thing, that is what I am going to do, follow in his footsteps," said Barton.

Murray summed it up best: "I am just so proud that he is up there and we represent where he came from and that only inspires us that much more."

Davis and the Orioles are facing the New York Yankees in the divisional round of the MLB playoffs.

It is the first post-season appearance for Baltimore in 15 years.

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